Artist Bio

Megan Treasure is an environmental sculptor, installation artist, and ceramicist. Her artworks include the observer by inviting interactions to take place. Many of her sculptures are ephemeral and are designed to either decay or be deconstructed. 

Megan is also an accomplished potter. Her pottery pieces are hand-made; to be enjoyed daily and last for many years.


Megan Treasure Art is a licensed business owner in the State of Washington and City of Seattle. UBI# 603 302 588.

Custom Pottery

Pottery orders for individuals or industry use can be arranged by contacting Megan via email to schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements. Order requests may take 8-12 weeks depending on volume and scope. See examples of work here.

Site Specific Artworks

Megan is experienced with site specific installations, gallery projects, and group exhibitions. Please contact her for details. See examples of work here.

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